The Police chasing game  
Patrol is not a standard racing game. It is a game of exciting chasing, adrenaline boosting action and of course difficult police missions.

Police training

As a police rookie at the Moscow police you will be facing extraordinary challenges to follow the tracks of the storyline. All your police skills will be trained and tested: emergency driving, shooting from moving vehicles, driving on hard terrains, chasing speeding cars. After a thorough training course you will be able to get on the streets to use your new skills to arrest criminals.

Patrolling on the streets

As a freshly but well trained policeman you are patrolling on the streets of Moscow and in the surrounding areas. As you receive new reports and alerts you should follow the tracks of the gangsters.


You have to face several types of missions in the game. Experience what a challenge is to follow someone in secret, stay in cover by the traffic not loosing the suspect from the view. Then change your gears, turn on your siren and try to catch the bad guys with any options possible.


You will experience how to use different types of weapons during emergency driving but taking care of the civilian cars. And you will also practice where to hit a vehicle to be able to arrest the suspects.


As an experienced policeman you will have to adapt your driving, chasing and following methods to the environment. You will see how different and challenging it is to drive once on the highway and then at a construction site. Your car behaves differently on the asphalt and on the dirt and of course your suspects will drive also differently. Not to mention the civilian cars.


As you successfully accomplish new missions you will have the chance to proceed to the next police ranks. Advancing in your police ranking grants you to use different types of police vehicles. It will be very exciting to try the difference between driving the standard police car and a jeep. What more, you can define your car parameters for certain level of conditions, for example choose the type of suspension, change tyres or choose the approprite armor for your next action.
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